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Monthly Archives: August 2012

JetStar Asia A320 9V-JSG Manila Technical Issue.


JetStar Asia A320 9V-JSG operated JQ765 Singapore – Manila this evening however the return JQ766 has been delayed overnight indicating a technical issue with the aircraft.

31/08/12 JetStar Flight Cancellation.


JQ214 Auckland – Melbourne did not operate today.

JetStar A320 VH-VFF Positioning Flight.


JetStar A320 VH-VFF positioned Christchurch – Wellington late this afternoon as JQ7982.

JetStar A320 VH-VGJ Returns from Coolangatta.


Following yesterday’s technical issue JetStar Airbus A320 VH-VGJ positioned Coolangatta – Sydney at lunchtime today as JQ7981.

29/08/12 Flight Cancellations.


JQ437 Coolangatta – Melbourne did not operate today due to a technical issue with Airbus A320 VH-VGJ.

JQ670 Adelaide – Darwin was also cancelled meaning tomorrow’s JQ669 return will not operate.

JetStar A320 VH-VFI First Flight.


JetStar Airbus A320 VH-VFI made its first flight from Toulouse today as F-WWIF and later positioned to Finkenwerder.

JetStar A320 VH-VFH Enters Service.


JetStar A320 VH-VFH entered service today operating JQ735 Melbourne – Launceston. This brings the Australia and New Zealand A320 fleet up to 48 aircraft.

27/08/12 JetStar Flight Cancellations.


The following JetStar flights did not operate today:

JQ508 Melbourne – Sydney
JQ567 Brisbane – Melbourne.

26/08/12 JetStar Flight Cancellations.


The following JetStar flights did not operate today:

JQ264 Wellington – Auckland
JQ265 Auckland – Wellington.

24/08/12 JetStar Flight Cancellations.


The following JetStar flights did not operate today:

JQ418 Sydney – Coolangatta
JQ427 Coolangatta – Sydney
JQ719 Sydney – Hobart.

JetStar A320 VH-VGY Operates Mackay Extra.


Following yesterday’s cancellations on the route JetStar A320 VH-VGY operated an additional Brisbane – Mackay rotation this morning as JQ7504/JQ7505.

JetStar A320 VH-VQO Operates Adelaide – Melbourne Extra.


Following the cancellation of JQ775 Adelaide – Melbourne yesterday JetStar A320 VH-VQO operated an additional service on the route this morning as JQ7775.

JetStar A330-200 VH-EBK Returns from Brisbane.


JetStar Airbus A330-200 VH-EBK, which has been under maintenance at Brisbane since 10th August, positioned Brisbane – Sydney this morning as JQ7992.

JetStar Japan Expansion.


JetStar Japan today announced the following new services to commence on 28th October 2012.

The  GK113/GK112 Tokyo Narita – Sapporo New Chitose rotation will be cancelled to accommodate the new services.

The Tokyo Narita – Okinawa service will be increased from two to three services a day with the following new flight: Read more »

23/08/12 JetStar Flight Cancellations.


The following JetStar services did not operate today:

JQ724 Hobart – Sydney
JQ775 Adelaide – Melbourne
JQ888 Brisbane – Mackay
JQ889 Mackay – Brisbane
JQ890 Brisbane – Mackay
JQ891 Mackay – Brisbane.

JetStar Japan A320 JA01JJ Positions from Fukuoka.


Following yesterday’s technical issue JetStar Japan A320 JA01JJ positioned Fukuoka – Tokyo Narita this afternoon as GK7328.

JetStar Japan A320 JA01JJ Fukuoka Technical Issue.


JetStar Japan A320 JA01JJ operated GK127 Tokyo Narita – Fukuoka this evening but was unable to operate the return GK128 owing to a technical issue.

JetStar A320 VH-VGZ Positioning Flight.


JetStar Airbus A320 VH-VGZ positioned Brisbane – Cairns early this afternoon as JQ7982.

Tiger A320 9V-TAD Becomes JetStar Pacific VN-A556.


Tiger Airways Singapore Airbus A320 9V-TAD was delivered to JetStar Pacific today as VN-A556. This brings the JetStar Pacific A320 fleet up to four aircraft. This aircraft replaces Boeing 737-400 VN-A191 which will go for freighter conversion.

JetStar A320 VH-JQG Positioning Flight.


JetStar Airbus A320 VH-JQG positioned Sydney – Melbourne this morning as JQ7981.

A330-200 VH-EBJ Positioning Flight.


JetStar A330-200 VH-EBJ positioned Melbourne – Sydney as JQ7992 this morning.

JetStar A330-200 VH-EBS Positioning Flight.


JetStar Airbus A330-200 VH-EBS positioned Sydney – Melbourne this morning as JQ7995.

JetStar Japan A320 JA02JJ Returns from Sapporo.


Following yesterday’s technical issue JetStar Japan A320 JA02JJ departed Sapporo New Chitose this morning operating yesterday’s delayed GK118 Sapporo New Chitose – Tokyo Narita as GK118D.

17/08/12 JetStar Flight Cancellations.


The following JetStar flights did not operate today:

JQ260 Wellington – Auckland
JQ261 Auckland – Wellington
JQ816 Sydney – Brisbane.